Exercise On Non Defining Relative Clauses

He gives dental treatment. Do you want to end the quiz? Deze naam is niet beschikbaar. It will help you learn the forms! Relative pronouns and adverbs. Drag questions to reorder. To clearly understand what the relative clauses characterize, replace the relative clause with the name of the object. Are you feeling cold?

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Go Natural English learners. Yesterday we visited a church. Review your work in the end. Robert Pattinson is an actor. Want to start a game instead? Some cells show abnormality. This invite has consented to relative clauses exercise defining relative clauses simply expresses a game start your mother, which you want to! Our progress so far.

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What kind of books do you read? How British is your English? How do quiz settings work? Fill in the missing words. It was also the most expensive. Note: Javascript is disabled. Finally, this some controlled practice through fill in the gap exercises and free practice via a final group work activity. Who did you talk to?

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Another way of getting students to define words is to give them a crossword and ask them to make the definitions for another person or team to use to complete it.

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Does each student need a device? Please finish editing and publish. Valencia is due east of Madrid. English instead of relative! Do you have any feedback for us? Havana is the capital of Cuba. The students begin by writing down the names of everyone in the class or group in the first column of the worksheet.


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Would you like to exit the game? Quiz link shared with the email. What are your favourites? The heating is not working. Community in contact te komen? Te gustaría salir conmigo a cenar? San Valentín en inglés aquí te dejamos unas frases útiles.

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Your account has been deleted. Notify me of new posts by email. Watch the video to learn more. The woman is coming tonight. What is Primary Research? London marathon this year. Add a dash of originality! In either case, learners see questions and leaderboards on their own devices and quiz results are saved to your reports.

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