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Program works, Eligible Products, available rebates and tax credits, a list of contractors who have registered with the Program and attended the Program orientation, and Program news and events. Marketplace apps are granted permission to make requests to the Zoom API on behalf of the user for the Scopes they have requested. CRISP intends to comply with all applicable laws. The Program Operators are committed to protecting the personal information in its custody or control in accordance with applicable privacy laws. Participant that is the model of the Eligible Project and which provides information, among other things, about a Custom Project, including the specification and quantities of Eligible Measures, resulting from the use of Approved Modelling Software. All activities carried out by the Contractor will be subject to Program quality control measures. To use Leaderboards and Tournaments, you must have an AWS account, as well as a developer. Your Alexa Skill may not facilitate, or direct customers to use, any other method of paying for Content intended to be used within your Alexa Skill. Emergency Service from such Second Participant during such calendar year or such portion thereof.

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Lastly, applicants with prior participation in a CMS programdemonstration, or modelwill be asked to demonstrate routine compliancewiththe terms of such CMS programdemonstrations, or models. Please be aware that other websites that you may access through our Website may collect personally identifiable information about you. Temporary CSS updates to transfer to allinone. This suite ofpayment rule waivers is referred to as benefitenhancements. CMS, in instances where compliance with these requirements would create an undue hardshiporwould conflict with state law and licensure requirements, or where theunique nature of a certain DCE would make the requirement nonapplicable. This restriction is in addition to those prescribed elsewhere in statute and regulation. CLEAResult or the Sponsor. You agree to allow a representative of your LDC to have reasonable access to your premises in order to inspect, test, repair, replace and service the Devices and Customer Information Display as the LDC deems necessary. FQC must pass the FQC inspection in order for the improvement incentive to be processed for payment.

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HIE in conformance with the Agreement and all applicable laws. Pressure dynamics can be defined as changes to air pressure that can have either a negative or positive impact on combustion safety, air leakage through the shell, or moisture migration to building cavities in the unit or building. Violation of Terms and Affiliate Indemnification. Our determination of the usage of your Amazon Underground App will be the sole measurement of usage for purposes of calculating Underground Royalties, even if it differs from usage data you may collect. Installation costs may include, but are not limited to, energy audit costs, appraisals, labor, design, drafting, engineering, permit fees, and inspection charges. The Eligible Product List provides the minimum technical and energy efficient specifications, certifications, and other requirements for Eligible Products. Notice to the Contractor shall be to the principal representative and address listed in the application. Completion Certificates and required attachments may be submitted to the Program by facsimile, email, mail or hand delivery.

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Furnish from its own resources or contract for and obtain from any other sources it may select, including any Participant, the services and studies necessary for performance of Operating Work. SBDI, a participating contractor must submit a signed Customer Proposal, and provide complete details on the location, account, etc. DC Participant Providers and Preferred Providers. We sometimes use service providers to assist us with specific processes or functions such as distributing emails or processing automatic assessment payments that you may have requested as part of your Program financing. Furthermore, the provisions of this Agreement regarding use of names and shall remain in force following termination. Adjustments in Accumulated Fuel Expense and Fuel Expense Allocations due to differences not previously accounted for between Net Assembly Cost and Estimated Net Assembly Cost. Preferred Providers also have additional flexibility regarding the capitation amount and associated claims reduction. CMS required eneficiary experience surveys and how the DCE intends to use such information to improve its care management and coordination processes. Participants for such firm entitlement.

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DCE for each ofthe base yearand their associated expenditures. Either party may terminate a Special Offer at any time by deleting its acceptance through the Rakuten Network, and such termination of a Special Offer shall not be deemed a termination of this Agreement or any other Special Offers. MONTH PERIOD PRIOR TO THE DATE SUCH LIABILITY AROSE. Program standards, upon request from the Program Representative, Program Ally shall make reasonable repairs or corrections to bring such work up to Program standards at no additional cost to the Customer. Itrepresents a reconciliation of payments made by CMS during a performance year, including payments made through Capitation Payment Mechanisms. All Capital Improvements shall be included in the annual capital expenditures budget. United States government or other applicable government authority. Participant the undivided interest so acquired in such portion or portions of the Nuclear Fuel.

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This list is publicly available and updatedregularly to ensure that Registered Contractors and Property Owners have a trusted source for validating products that are installed in their homes. Customer eligibility will be verified at this time if not previously verified. The repairs required to address CAS test failures are not included in scope of work. If You decide to leave the Community and access the Third Party Sites or to use or install any Third Party Applications, Software or Content, You do so at your own risk. What if I decide to stop treating patients? Submit this agreement prior to initiating any eligible lighting upgrades. Participating Contractors on the waiting list may be able to reserve program incentive funding if projects are cancelled and funds become available. The distant site practitioner must be a DC Participant Provider or Preferred Provider who has elected to participate inthis benefit enhancement.

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Please selectall that provide the accurate product was made in question or disable, provided to record actions identified phi or utilized for program application and committing any kind. Commercial Direct Install Program in the Program Manual. Plant control and communication facilities and associated buildings or equipment. Executive Vice President, Engineering and Operations. Following the conclusion of the performance year, CMS will reconcile the Total Care Capitation Withhold against actual expenditures incurred by aligned eneficiariesfor services provided by providers and suppliers not covered the capitation arrangement. This property taxes, thereby requiring repeated delays in the proposal was a calendar year with all direct install rebate. When amendments are finalized, CRISP will notify Participants that its Policies and Procedures have been amended and when the amendment will become effective. To be completed only if you want a vendor or other third party to be the main point of contact. If the completion date occurs without the Program agreeing to an extension in writing, the Property Owner may be required to sign new Financing Documents. Once the installation has been completed, you accept the work by signing a project completion form.

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Mitigate the influence of coding intensity on risk adjustment. Participant take part in media activities, such as photo opportunities, which the Participant must not unreasonably withhold or delay and the Participant will make best efforts to ensure that any necessary consents or releases are executed with respect to photography. Year into thebaseline experience. CAPS or in clashing colours. The national grid encourages installers for incentives are aware of other project than the residential and maintenance or her designated by negotiations and completing work by anyone else to install and custom measures. The interest rate on the assessment will be based on market rates. EULA or the Default EULA Terms. Contractors on Inactive status shall not be listed on the Program website or promotional materials, and will not have access to program incentives.

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Please enter nto valuebased payments and regulations of care and regulatory jurisdiction where the customer by you when you as part the direct install application and particiapation agreement. Assessment Contract with the governmental agency sponsoring the HERO Program. Business License if required in the jurisdiction where work is to be performed. You represent, warrant, covenant, and agree that you will not bypass, modify, circumvent, impair, disable or otherwise interfere with any links, web beacons, cookies or other technology provided by us or Rakuten. Contractors are expected to submit the assessment results hether or not the customer proceeds with installation. Application Does Not Entitle Participant to Participate Submission of a completed application does not entitle the Participant to program participation. CEO of its participation in the Program. Applicant Information prior to participating in Program training.

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